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College owned accommodation is available for all undergraduates for at least 3 years. Rooms are allocated by students’ preferences of room bands which are expressed before the start of the year. Room allocation is currently managed by the college using a computer system that optimises preferences, and usually over 90% of students are allocated their first choice band; returners then choose themselves who to live with among those also allocated the same band.

All freshers live in North Quad and are on term-time only contracts. Over half of the rooms there are ‘Standard’ (Basin rooms) which are priced below the Oxford average; however, students can also express a preference for allocation to the ensuite room bands (which are more expensive). 

Returners have more choice. There is the option to continue living onsite; most of the returner rooms in college are term-time contracts in ensuite room bands, located in the modern, sleek-looking Rokos quad, however there are some ‘Standard’ rooms available too. There is also the Geoffrey Arthur Building (GAB), an offsite annex less than 10 minutes’ walk from Pembroke; the rooms here are ‘Standard’ band and on 8 month contracts, meaning you can stay through the holidays. The newest Pembroke accommodation is GAB 2, located on the GAB site but providing ensuite rooms. The GAB site now also has a common room for students to use. Some students opt to move out and live independently in Cowley or other areas of Oxford.

There are several kitchens dotted around main site as well as the GAB, equipped with microwaves, kettles, hobs and fridges. Some kitchens, especially all those in the modern Rokos quad, also have ovens and freezers. Personal mini fridges and kettles are allowed to be used in rooms, and mini fridges can be rented from the college with priority given to students living in staircases without kitchens. There are also several laundry rooms with washers and dryers on both sites, operated by contactless payment. At Pembroke, there are several disability-access rooms in both quads onside and they are adapted to suit students’ needs. Step-free access is available to many teaching rooms, the Hall, JCR, Pichette auditorium, and Farthings café. 

Check out Pembroke’s official website for rent prices and more room info!




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