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Food & Catering

At Pembroke, first years and anyone else living on site are on a meal plan that gives them a balance to spend 6 days a week (Sunday-Friday) in Formal or Informal Hall, and at any time in Farthings. Those living offsite usually self-cater or eat in hall on a PAYG basis, although they can also choose to select the meal plan. A wide range of dietary requirements (e.g. halal, kosher, vegan etc.) can be catered for, and you will be asked for dietary requirements before you join. Portion sizes are notoriously generous and desserts are especially good. 

Formals take place 3 times a week in Michaelmas, twice a week in Hilary and once a week in Trinity term. Freshers are required to attend formal at least once a week in order to promote community spirit and integration. These formals cost nothing extra beyond the meal plan which is very unusual among Oxford colleges; the prices for inviting guests are also comparatively low so students often bring in friends and family to show off Pembroke’s beautiful dining hall. You need to sign into these the week before via a form.

The college café, Farthings, serves breakfast, lunch and snacks as well as cheap coffee, and is a very popular hangout site for undergrads. The JCR also provides free pizza at its fortnightly General meetings and food at other events such as JCR in the JCR. 

Students can also make use of the shared kitchens around college, however there are only six kitchens within the first year accommodation. They all have microwaves, fridges and freezers and two have ovens. In second and third year accommodation there are more kitchens available. 

If you like cooking, then we are very close to both a decent-sized Sainsburys' and a Tesco, so it isn't far to carry any food that you buy. Bring your own pans etc, however don't overdo it as there isn't much storage space in the kitchens and you'll probably end up keeping everything in your room.


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