Food & Catering

Food is not something you want to be worrying about when you have an essay deadline, and everyone knows that getting three meals a day is important. Thankfully there are kitchens in college for you to use and also Hall.

There are six kitchens within the first year accommodation, all of which have microwaves, fridges, freezers, and sinks, two of which have ovens. These are open all the time and you can use them whenever you like.  In second and third year there are more kitchens available.


In your first year, you will have to pay for six dinners a week (every night except Saturday), and this is done in advance at the beginning of term. Currently this is non-negotiable, however in most cases this doesn't cause a problem.  On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, there is 'Informal Hall' which operates on a canteen style system, and there is normally a period of one and a half hours when you can get food.  On Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, first years have to attend 'Formal Hall', which requires you to wear your gown.  Unlike Informal which is only two meals, Formal Hall is a three course dinner which is served to you.  It's a great chance to catch up and have some down time from hard studying.  In Michaelmas term there are three Formals per week. This then goes down to two a week In Hilary term and just one a week in Trinity term. After first year, Formal Hall no longer becomes compulsory and instead you can attend Informal Hall before hand.


Lunch is available in Hall every weekday, on a pay as you go basis. Pembroke also has a café called Farthings', and they serve breakfasts and light lunches along with drinks and snacks. 

If you have any allergies or dietary requirements please let college know! This includes halal, kosher, dairy, vegan, vegetarian and others. 


If you like cooking, then we are very close to both a decent-sized Sainsburys' and a Tesco, so it isn't far to carry any food that you buy. Bring your own pans etc, however don't overdo it as there isn't much storage space in the kitchens and you'll probably end up keeping everything in your room.


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