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2023/24 Committee


Katrin Shabgard


History & English

Hi, I’m Katrin, a second year History and English student and the JCR Pres for this academic year. This means that I will be the point of contact between staff and the undergraduate student body, and so will be representing you to the college, as well as overseeing the JCR and its committee. My main role and top priority is to make sure that the JCR runs smoothly, ranging from social events to academics, as well as making sure your time at Pembroke is both memorable and enjoyable. This will be a super exciting year for Pembroke and I can’t wait to lead the amazing JCR committee we have this year through it. Usually found in Farthings or lounging on Chapel Quad, feel free to drop me an email or speak to me if you have any concerns or queries and I will be able to help you, or at least point you in the right direction. To those returning to Pembroke, I’m looking forward to seeing you all again, and to those arriving for the first time, wishing you all a very warm welcome!


Elamin Ibrahim

Vice President


Hey, I’m Elamin a second year medic and I’ll be your JCR Vice President for this academic year. My main role is the running of the biweekly JCR meetings which allow the undergraduate student community to debate and vote on motions which can enrich the undergraduate student experience and the Pembroke community, I also provide the pizza and snacks for these meetings so do make sure to attend. Anyone interested in putting a motion forward or wanting to request a specific snack do get in touch. Other than that I’m involved in the Pembroke art fund, organising JCR formal dinners such as halfway hall, and events such as three kings. The JCR committee have some great events planned ahead and I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful year so do make sure to get involved.

Nara May_edited.jpg

Nara-May Rishani

Academic Rep


Hi, I’m Nara-May, the incoming Academic Rep! My role includes coordinating with the subject reps, organising the University Challenge trials and sitting on the Academic Committee as the JCR’s representative. I’m also working on organising some inter-disciplinary talks looking at one topic from a number of subject viewpoints! If you have any ideas, questions or concerns regarding any of the above or wider academic issues do let me know and I should be able to help!

Amy 3_edited_edited.jpg

Amy Wilkinson 

Communications Rep


Hi, I’m Amy and I’ll be the Communications Rep this year! I’m the person to come to if you need an event advertised on the JCR social media, or need a poster/design for anything. I’ll be making the weekly event cards and term cards, and hope to make sure Pembroke remains well-informed about JCR events! My aims are to look into the most effective methods of communication and update the JCR website as part of this. I’ll also be around taking photos of events in college, most importantly at BOPs! Finally, I’ll be working on Pembroke’s own newsletter The Pink Times throughout the year. Please feel free to come and see me or drop me a message if you’d like something advertised or have any ideas!


Selvageethan Nedunchezian

Racial & Ethnic Minorities (REM) Rep

Psychology & Philosophy

Hi, I’m Selva and I’m Pembroke’s REM rep in the JCR for this year! This means that I represent students of religious and ethnic minority backgrounds in the JCR and use the resources given to me to support the needs of such students. As a minority person in both my native Singapore and the UK, I am at least somewhat aware of the types of issues a REM person may face. My aim is to ensure that REM students feel welcome, supported, and generally happy in Pembroke College, and I hope to put on various events and activities to that end!

Please feel free to get in touch / stop me around college if you have any questions / need anything :)


Ayla Hughes

Welfare Rep

Experimental Psychology

Hey, I’m Ayla, a second year studying EP and one of this year's Welfare Reps. Being a Welfare Rep means that I’ll be involved in all aspects of well-being around college, including welfare events and activities. Living and studying in Oxford can be really overwhelming, and so it’s important that we check in with ourselves, and ask for help when we need it. I’m always a friendly face around college if you ever need a chat!!


Scarlett O'Connell 

Welfare Rep


Hi! I’m Scarlett. I’m a second-year English student here at Pembroke and am excited to be one of the female welfare reps this year. Balancing your personal life with your academics can sometimes be challenging at Oxford, but it’s important to remember your mental and physical well-being come first. Welfare are trained to ensure you get this balance right and enjoy your time here to the max! I look forward to meeting you all :)

Yasmina 2_edited.jpg

Yasmina Brodie 

Charities Rep


Hi, I’m Yasmina and I’m the incoming Charities Rep. This role has been unfilled for a year so I’m excited to get the role going again and really make it our own! I’m hoping to get more of Pembroke engaged in local volunteering and to make fundraising more engaging, accessible and fun! I’ll be running events like delicious pancake sales and spamming Facebook with wonderful volunteering opportunities. Everyone is welcome to share ideas - I’d like to get some more events running this year as well as help anyone at Pembroke raise awareness and money for an issue, from sponsoring a bungee jumper to selling out bake sales. This means lots of collaboration so I’m looking forward to seeing Pembroke giving, in money and time, together!

Ayla S.jpeg

Ayla Samson 

Gender Equalities Rep


Hi, I’m Ayla and I’ll be the Gender Equalities rep for the JCR this year. This means I'll be running Peminists, the JCR's feminist discussion group, which meets fortnightly and is a friendly inclusive space that is open to everyone! My role also makes me the first port of call for any gender-related concerns you might have, so I'm always available and happy to chat. As part of this, I'll help to run the consent workshops at the beginning of the year. All in all, I hope to do whatever I can to make Pembroke a safe, comfortable and enjoyable place for people of all gender identities in the JCR.

Yusuf and Becca.png

Becca McCash (she/her) & Yusuf Aggour (he/him)

ENTZ reps

Biology and Medicine

Hi! My names Becca and I’m one of the Entz Reps for next year. I had the best first year at Pembroke, with many of my highlights being bops and other social events put on by last years Entz reps. Yusuf and I have got lots of exciting things planned for this year, with events for drinkers and non drinkers. We’re hoping to help carry on Pembrokes social, friendly atmosphere and help different years get to know each other.

Hi I'm Yusuf and I’m your Entz rep for next year alongside Becca, and can’t wait to put on loads of fun stuff in college. Excited to see you all in October and am always up for a chat.


Oscar Lawson 

Music Rep


Hi, I’m Oscar, your music rep for the year! This means I will be working closely with the college music director (Mark Wilson) to organise events in college, particularly for the 400th anniversary this year, as well as being someone to come to for any queries relating to college music, as well as music on a Uni level. I would love to encourage as much participation as possible, so anyone who plays an instrument (at any level at all!), please bring it with you in October - music is a great way to meet people and unwind after a day of hard work! I am looking forward to meeting you all at the music taster session, and hopefully Pembroke’s wide range of music groups after that! Feel free to contact me with any musical questions and I will do my best to help.


Rohit Ghosh



Hey there! My name's Rohit, and I'm your JCR Secretary for this next year. You'll most likely find me frantically typing up minutes in the background during JCR meetings. Otherwise, you'll find me in your inbox with my (in)famous weekly bulletin, letting you know all the fun stuff our JCR are gonna be planning throughout the year. If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to have a general chat, feel free to get in touch 🙂

Joel and Livvy 4.png

Joel Horsman 
(he/him) & Livvy McConnell (she/her)


Law and... Law!

Hi I'm Joel, one of your incoming treasurers. Livvy and I will be handling the finances of the JCR this year. I can be found in farthings or (more likely) plib to answer any questions you may have regarding your battels, reimbursements, or anything else related to the JCR's finances. Feel free also to reach out to me via email or messenger if I'm absent from my core locations.

Hey, I’m Livvy and I’ll be working with Joel as your Treasurer next year! My role is to look after the JCR’s finances, which involves managing the budget and processing reimbursements. Please reach out to me if you have any questions about JCR funds, or just to say hi. I’m very excited to meet you all!

linnet photo.png

Linnet Drury

Disability and Student Carers Rep

Maths & Philosophy

Hi, I’m Linnet and I will be this year’s Disability and Student Carers rep. I will be working to amplify disabled voices in college and liaise with staff to sort any issues that come up to make Pembroke more accessible. I’ll also try to put on events for the disabled community and check accessibility for freshers week, and signpost people around the maze of various support available for disabled students and student carers at Oxford. Feel free to contact me with any issues you are having around college (or just to check in and say hi!). 

If you are an incoming fresher or prospective student I am happy to answer any questions about access arrangements at Pembroke, and enact anything which needs to be sorted to give you a smooth arrival at college – just pop me an email, and if you would prefer to call, I can set that up!


Madgey Thompson 

Access and Outreach Rep

French & Arabic

Hi, I'm Madgey (she/her), and I'm really excited to be your Access and Outreach Rep for this year! I'm passionate about everything access and outreach, as I know how much of a difference it can make to your experience at Oxford. My goal is to work on the initiatives that already exist in Pembroke and also look for new ways to make students from underrepresented backgrounds feel even more welcome in college life and Oxford overall.  I look forward to meeting you in Michaelmas!


Deepak Alagusubramanian

International Student Rep


Hello everyone! I am Deepak, the International Rep this year! I will be assisting international/ visiting students with the transition to college life, and generally helping everyone with any issues they face. I'm an international student myself (from Singapore 🇸🇬)! As International Rep, I hope to plan a number of diverse activities that reflect the diversity in our student body!


Raman Gnanalingham

Welfare Rep


Hi everyone! My name’s Raman and I’ll be one of your welfare reps for this upcoming year. Student wellbeing and positive mental health is essential for freshers to be able to thrive in their first year at Oxford, so as your welfare reps, we are here to make sure that this happens! We’ll be putting on a variety of welfare activities each term, from welfare dog walks to baking, as well as an entire welfare week during the 5th week of term to help keep you going. If you are having any kind of problems, big or small, please reach out to me by message or email and I’ll always be on hand to help you work through them. I’m usually around college, so feel free to also stop me if you want to have a chat (about literally anything)!


David Ng

Welfare Rep

Engineering Science

Hey everyone! I'm David and I'm one of the 4 welfare reps this year! We'll be working together to run welfare events throughout the year, such as snacks in the JCR, walks in the meadow, and Welfare Weeks during the more intense segments of term! We'll also receive peer support training, so please do reach out for a chat if you have any troubles at all - we'll always be happy to help! Can't wait to meet you all soon! :)


Elyce Croker

Drama Rep

Spanish & Linguistics

Hi! I'm Elyce and I'm the new drama rep for this year. As drama rep, I will make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for Pembroke students to get involved in drama - including putting on yet another epic Pembroke musical and arranging some fun activites for Arts Week. I will also be available to help Pembroke students put on their own productions, something I definitely encourage you to try! Please feel free to reach out if you have any ideas about drama at Pembroke 🙂

Liv and Tom.png

Tom Griffin (he/him) & Liv Hall (she/her)

Sports Reps

Biology and French

Welcome to all Pembroke freshers! My name’s Tom, and I am your sports representative for the 2023/24 academic year. As your spokesperson, finance officer, and networker for all things sports, I aim to provide access to sports teams both within and outside the college. My goal is to integrate fresher sports enthusiasts with our current teams, offer accessible information about gyms, swimming pools, and other facilities, and establish connections with university sports teams. I aim to keep the Pembroke community informed about Uni sports trials and ensure the college teams are well-supported financially to maintain their success in the following academic year. Why me? I'm a passionate college sportsman, participating in football, cricket, badminton, rugby, and rowing during the Summer VIIIs. Additionally, I frequently support our netball and hockey sides, making me well-connected to communicate between team captains and the college. Growing up in Norfolk, sports have always been a significant part of my life, and I've come to realize their importance in balancing the demands of Oxford terms. Pembroke's strong sense of togetherness reflects in our sports community, so I invite you to join us in painting St Aldates, or even better, Oxford, pink! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Hi I’m Liv and I’ll also be one of the sports reps with Tom this year. I play uni hockey as well as getting involved with college sports, whether as a player or supporter (with signs in hand). We want to give lots of opportunities for everyone to take part in college and uni sports. We also want to host some fun sports events for everyone to get involved with! If you have any questions feel free to message me! :)


George Collings

Food & Accommodation Rep


Hi, I’m George and I’m JCR Food and Accommodation Rep for this year. I’ll be in charge of representing you on issues ranging from negotiating rents and contract dates to looking at food plans and portions. These affect everyone’s daily life at college and I’m keen to make some serious improvements, especially in terms of lowering costs as inflation spikes and maintenance loans lag behind. Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions!

Fiza Henry 2_edited.jpg

Fiza Abbas (she/her) & Henry Ward (he/him)

Stash Reps

Economics & Management

Hey, it's Fiza and Henry, your stash reps :) We're super excited to be responsible for representing the college in such a creative way - our goal is to make sure that Pembroke College members are the best-dressed students in the university! Think of us as your personal stylists. We hope you enjoy our 3 stash drops and we look forward to seeing you represent Pembroke College around the city (and outside of Oxford, if you’re brave enough to be called out about it on oxfess).


Liv Hall 

Freshers President


Hi, I’m Liv, the incoming Fresher’s Prez! We are all really excited to meet all the new fresher’s and help you guys to settle in. If you see me or any of the other JCR members around college, feel free to ask any questions - we are here to help and make sure you have a great first year!

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