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2022/23 Committee


Harrison Kaye (he/him)



Hey! I’m Harrison and I’m the JCR President for this year. I’ve spent the last year studying in Taiwan and now I’m coming into my third year ready to lead the JCR committee and welcome you to Pembroke. My main roles are to oversee everything that’s going on within the JCR and to provide a link between the student and staff community. There’s loads of exciting things going on in the JCR this year so you’ll probably see me around working to make it all run smoothly. If you need any kind of support but aren’t sure where to start or who to speak to, I’ll be here to help you out and point you in the right direction. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and making sure you have a great time at Pembroke!


Miles Robson (he/him)

Vice President


Hi, my name is Miles and I’m the incumbent JCR Vice President.  It’s my role to engage with the student community, mainly through formal events, an awful lot of emails, and (most importantly) our JCR meetings. JCR meetings are what give the student community the power to make changes to life in college, and all sorts of motions are tabled. I’ll be hosting these meetings on Sundays fortnightly in the JCR, so be sure to drop in, and if you have a motion in mind, I’m the one to talk to!


Lucia Henwood (she/her)

Academic & Suspended Student Rep

History & Economics

Hi, I’m Lucia and I’m the incoming Academic Rep. My role involves co-ordinating with subject reps, sitting on the Academic Committee to give JCR feedback to the rest of college and best of all organising University Challenge trials and practice! I've also got some plans for new events with the MCR and SCR next year as well as more mentoring opportunities and study skills sessions. If you have any concerns, questions or feedback about academic issues, I should be able to help or point you in the direction of someone who can!


Imee Marriott (she/her)

Communications Rep


Hi, I’m Imee and I’m the incoming Communications Rep. This means I’ll be managing the JCR website, the instagram page and editing the Pink Times - Pembroke’s very own publication. I can usually be seen around college in a mixture of blue and green carrying a coffee and/or a hot water bottle and I’m the person to speak to if you have an event or information you’d like to advertise on the Pembroke social media channels!


Ayeza Akhtar (she/her)

Racial & Ethnic Minorities (REM) rep


Hi, I’m Ayeza and I’m Pembroke’s REM rep for this year! This means I’ll be supporting REM students across the college- this includes welfare support and putting on events to celebrate Pembroke’s diversity. Moving to Oxford can be intimidating, especially if you’re from a more diverse area, such as I am (big up manny), so I hope to put on many fun REM events with an emphasis on intercollegiate events to help minority groups connect across the university. Feel free to email/dm/stop me for a chat whenever!


Olivia Walsh (she/her)

Welfare Rep

Spanish & Portugese

Hey, I’m Liv and I’m one of the 4 incoming welfare reps this year! This means we will be in charge of running welfare events, including welfare week to tackle “5th week blues.” We will also receive peer support training so that you can come to us at any time if you have a problem and would like to chat over coffee or ice cream (on us!)


Abinaya Arulalagan (she/her)

Welfare Rep


Hi, I’m Abi and I’m an incoming female Welfare Rep. This means that I will be working with the welfare team to help support you through whatever life throws your way! Living a balanced life at oxford so a great welfare system is important. We will be organising a variety of weekly welfare events across the year such as walks in the meadows and welfare snacks in the JCR as well as Welfare Week in 5th Week. I’m always free (alongside the rest of the welfare team) to have a chat about anything and everthing, serious or not - so feel free to send a message or say hi!


Tilda Hungtingford (she/her)

Environment Rep

Physics & Philosophy

Hi, I’m Tilda! As the incoming environment rep, I am really excited to be an advocate for climate action within Pembroke. My role will include working with the college to continue to develop ambitious climate goals, as well as raising awareness of environmental issues within the student body. I will also be running Pembvironment, which is Pembroke’s very own environmental society. Everyone is welcome to speaker events, discussion groups (about environmental issues in relation to Pembroke as well as the world in general) and socials


Sibby O'Grady (she/her)

Gender Equalities Rep

History & Economics

Heya, I’m Sibby, this year’s gender equalities rep. That means I’m going to be running Pembroke’s feminist discussion group (Peminists), which meets fortnightly and is welcome to everyone (please come!!). I’m (sadly) going to be bringing attention to sexual violence, through consent workshops and making sure people know how to report it, as well as other issues people might be having, such as Eating Disorders. Please please come and talk to me about any gender-based problem or idea you might have!!

Copy of darius and tom 2.png

Freya Hutchins (she/her) and
Ben Hobart (he/him)

ENTZ reps

Economics & Management 

Hey, I’m Freya and I’m one of the incoming Entz reps with Ben. I’ve loved getting involved with Pembroke events this year, and can’t wait to plan lots more! Feel free to message me if you have any questions :)

Hi everyone, I am one of the incoming entz reps who organise some of the college social events. Excited to see you all in October. If you have any questions about anything to do pembroke next year would be very happy to talk to anyone.


Maxi Grindley (he/him)



Heya, I'm Maxi! I'll be your secretary, which basically just means I'll be aggressively filling up your inbox with emails you won't read but sometimes should read. You'll also see me at JCR meetings where I'll be the only person actively encouraged to be on their phone throughout in order to minute the meetings. If you ever need to digitally harass the entire JCR with something vaguely officious, I'm the person you're looking for!”

darius and tom 2.png

Darius Abedin-Zadeh (he/him) & Tom Munns (he/him)


PPE and...PPE!

Hi, I’m Darius and I’m one of the incoming Treasurers; this means I’ll be working with the JCR to manage its finances. You can usually find me around college in Farthings and am here to speak to about any questions regarding reimbursements or allocation of JCR funds, or just for a coffee. I’m looking forward to meeting you all next year and feel free to drop me an email with any questions.

Hi, I’m Tom and I’m one of the Treasurers alongside Darius for the upcoming year. Essentially I organise the college finances and allocate the budget of the JCR around its different activities. You can find me in Farthings, Chapel quad or down at Pembroke fields. Come and find me if you have any questions or need any help surrounding reimbursements, allocation of funds or funding requests. I can’t wait to meet you all in the coming year and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Barbara Francik (she/her)

Biodiversity Rep


Hi, I’m Barbara, the Biodiversity Rep. I’ll be working with students and staff to protect and grow the biodiversity on Pembroke’s grounds. My main role is running the Pembroke Biodiversity Project, which anyone can take part in! If I’m not surveying insects around College, you can find me in Farthings or around the GAB. Feel free to give me a shout if you have any ideas or concerns about Pembroke biodiversity, nature or wildlife!


Anna Mayer (she/her)

Access and Social Backgrounds Rep

Philosophy & Theology

 Hi! I’m Anna and I’ll be your Access and Social Backgrounds Rep. It’s my role to support and champion Pembroke students from state comprehensive, working class and low income backgrounds, as well as first generation students, care leavers and estranged students. I will be doing everything I can to make Pembroke an even more inclusive, accessible and diverse environment! I’ll also be organising some fun events throughout the year to give you all opportunities to make friends from similar backgrounds. Can’t wait to meet you all!


Francesco Straniero (he/him)

International Student rep


Hi I’m Francesco and I’m the new international rep, as such I’ll be helping international students with any problems they might have. I’ll organize a few events throughout the year such as eurovision or World Cup viewing in the JCR. I’ll also be helping students in their year abroad and visiting students in Pembroke

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Ollie Saint (he/him)

Welfare Rep

Spanish & Linguistics

Hi everyone, my name’s Ollie and I’ll be your Male Welfare Rep for the next year. You’ll see me- and the rest of the Welfare Reps- around quite a bit, doing activities to give people a break from the flow of academic work. We’ll do many of our events in Welfare week of each term, but you’re always welcome to come see me for a coffee or chat for any reason at all, big or small! I’m often found marching around college or Christ Church Meadow if the weather’s nice, so please stop me if you want to talk or just say hi!


Francesco Tasin (he/him)

Welfare Rep

Psychology & Philosophy

Hi everyone!! I’m Cesco, and I’m excited to be one of your Welfare Reps for this year!! My first year at Oxford has been an amazing experience, and for that I must thank all the wonderful Pembroke Community! I’m very much looking forward to collaborating with the other Welfare Reps to organise events for all students and help make sure that everyone in college be safe and has a great time!! If you have any problems, of any kind, or would just like to go out for a casual chat, please know that I am always around to help. I can’t wait to see everyone back in Pembroke!!


Carla Messinger (she/her)

Drama Rep


Hi, I’m Carla and I’m the incoming drama rep. My role includes helping students arrange their own productions, organising fun activities during Arts week and putting on the Pembroke musical! I really want to make drama accessible to everyone at Pembroke so if you have any ideas/ suggestions please bring them to me and I’ll try to make them happen!”

danny and elena 2.png

Daniel Stokes (he/him) & Elena Baldry (she/her)

Sports Reps

Law and Economics & Management

Hi I’m Elena and I’ll be one of the sports reps with Danny this year. We want to give lots of opportunities for everyone to take part in college and uni sports. We also want to host some fun sports events for everyone to get involved with! If you have any questions feel free to message me! :)

Hi I’m Danny and I’m one of the incoming sports reps. My job will be to make sport in Pembroke as inviting and as fun as possible, starting with the sports taster sessions for incoming freshers. If you’re not sure about anything to do with sport in Pembroke or in the uni as a whole, drop me a message and I’ll be more than happy to help.


Hana Bashir (she/her)

Freshers President


Hi, I’m Hana, incoming Fresher’s prez! We are all super excited to meet all the new fresher’s and help you guys to settle in. If you see me or any of the other JCR members around college, feel free to ask any questions - we are here to help and make sure you have a great first year!!


Fariha Hoque (she/her)


Experimental Psychology

Hiya, I'm Fariha, the new LGBTQ+ rep. I'll be the one in charge of organising any LGBTQ+ events within the college (such as gaycr in the JCR) and hopefully some events outside of college too, as well as passing on any messages from the LGBTQ Society to make sure you don't miss out on anything. I'm also available for any welfare needs or any issues you may be facing,  and can provide support or direct you to someone better suited if need be. I'll be around college so feel free to wave me down if you need me, or I can be reached easily via email/dm/note in my pidge etc, so don't be afraid to reach out even if it's just for a chat!

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