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The music scene at Pembroke (and wider Oxford) is vibrant and fun, and many students choose to bring their instruments with them to college. Whilst most of the societies require auditions (normally centralised through the Oxford University Music Society) - there are still more than a few which are open to anyone with a love of music. Throughout the term there are karaoke/bar nights in the college bar for anyone to take part in. There will also be weekly lunchtime concerts taking place in either the Pichette Auditorium or the chapel, for which anyone with a selection of repertoire can sign up. Professional musicians will also be giving recitals in the Pichette throughout the year, which students will be able to go to.

In addition to performances, we also have an ensemble pairing service for musicians keen to play together. A form will be sent out every term for those keen to indicate their instrument, playing level and preferred ensemble type, and people will be matched based on their ensemble pairings.

Message from your Music Rep, Oscar:

Music at Pembroke currently consists of 4 main groups: Orchestra, Chapel Choir, Jazz Band and the Unauditioned Choir. All these groups provide a space for people to enjoy making music and are dependent on everyone getting involved! The music scene is great fun at Pembroke and very relaxed, with casual concerts each term to showcase our talent. Please do bring your instruments for the start of term and get stuck into what you can: there is something for everyone here!

Chapel Choir

The choir, an SATB group composed of Pembrokians and Christchurch school choristers, sings choral evensong every Sunday during term at 5:30pm. Rehearsals are held every Thursday evening and are known for their fun and friendly atmosphere. The choir has toured extensively within Europe, recently visiting Paris and Krakow to sing in some of Europe’s most prestigious ecclesiastical venues. Email, or if you want to get involved.


Information about choral scholarships are available on the college’s website.




Every year, at the end of Hilary, we aim to put on a college musical, a full scale performance in the Pichette auditorium. If you're interested in costume making, backstage crew, dancing, acting, singing, playing music, or even the more administrative side, such as accounting and marketing - then please get in touch with our music and drama reps and

College Pianos

We have college pianos that are available for students to book to play. To request to use, please email or chat to one of the Porters who will give you a key. There are also pianos in the chapel and JCR which are usually free to use.

Organ Scholarship

Pembroke aims to have at least two organ scholars in residence, and all candidates must be undergraduates. Although most organ scholars typically read music, other subjects will be considered (one of our current scholars does Modern Greek and Linguistics!). For more information please contact to check your eligibility or for details of the Organ Scholars' responsibilities.

Other Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards
  • Vocal Scholarships

    • Up to 2 awarded each year for any student studying any subject​

    • Aimed to attract singers to Pembroke and are entirely for vocal improvement and voice training

    • 18 free lessons with Nicola Harrison for full voice training, interpretation and performance

  • Instrumental Award

    • £300 for any first year (except organ scholar) reading any subject​

    • Awarded upon a 20 minute recital (one or more pieces)

    • Any instrument including voice, accompanists allowed if necessary

    • Email

  • Pembroke College Performing Arts Fund

    • Available to students who have incurred costs whilst performing at university level or for whom taking part would cause financial difficulty​

    • Compensation between £100-£500 for subscriptions, travel, equipment and accommodation


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