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Borrow Items from the JCR!

The JCR has certain useful items available to borrow if/when you need them, so make sure to keep these in mind: 

Rentable temporary laptops

If your laptop breaks and you need to borrow one temporarily while you buy a new one/apply for a hardship grant to contribute to buying a new one etc, there are some laptops available to rent in college. Please contact for details and to arrange a time; you will sign them out and pick up from her office in staircase 5 next to the Academic Director’s office.


Charity mattress/air bed/sleeping bag rental

Contact the Charities Rep to borrow these ( For the air mattress, you must fill in this form and await confirmation as there is limited availability. Please make requests at least 2 days in advance. Proceeds are batteled and go towards the termly Charity Ballot! 

Any changes to the borrowing process will be posted here when confirmed.



The JCR has loads of stuff in our storeroom and the JCR Committee has access to these items. If there is anything you need from props to music equipment to paint please get in touch and we can check if we’ve got it! 

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