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Environment & Biodiversity


Pembroke has its own regular discussion group on environmental issues ranging from the climate crisis to plastic waste to the impact of conflict on biodiversity.

Pembroke Biodiversity Project

It was noticed that Pembroke owned an area of degraded land behind the Sports Ground, and the college agreed to dedicate this land to a long-term student-run biodiversity monitoring and enhancement project, supported by the biology fellows.This project involves the surveying of a variety of taxonomic groups, including birds, mammals, insects, aquatic invertebrates, and plants on the site.

It aims to manage the land sustainably and work towards the creation of improved wildlife habitat, shelter, and food-sources. This includes management of vegetation, planting of native species, and addition of bird and mammal homes. The project is JCR-run (by the Biodiversity Rep) and is open to any and all student involvement, and hopefully will eventually grow to create ties with the wider University and Oxford community. If you have an interest in ecology or preservation of species, this is the project for you!

Environment Rep

Pembroke JCR has an environment rep who works to push the college to improve its environmental credentials; if you have ideas for projects relating to lowering the college’s carbon footprint, preventing food waste, improving recycling et cetera, get in touch with them!

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