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And congratulations for getting into the Greatest and Most Noble of all Oxford Colleges, the one and only House of Pink - Pembroke College!!! Allow yourself to savour the moment, you've worked hard and more than deserve to be here. There is a Freshers Website which will have been emailed to you (a most highly guarded secret that changes year to year and not even accessible to returners) but here you can find a run-down of the most basic and asked for information. 

You will find a copy of the current Freshers Pack which is brimmed full of tips on what to pack, where to eat sandwiches and how to get onto platform 9 3/4 and all the very important information one needs to know before arriving at Oxford. Here you can also find Pembroke's own Oxford Dictionary (which is nearly as renowned as the OED!). 

Don't forget to check out Your JCR for information on the current workings of your committee and its constitution, as well as the Student Life pages which are full of Very Useful Things about .... you guessed it .... student life here. Welfare info can also be found there and also a mostly-up-to-date term card of the going-ons in college. Information on accommodation, food and money can be found under Prospective Students.

As always, if there's anything you're uncertain about or what to know more on please do get in touch. You can email anyone at Pembroke with the format:

A few final notices: For the latest updates on social-distancing measures within college please read the weekly notices, the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to all students and oh, please do try to keep off the Old Quad grass!


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