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How does it work?

When you arrive at Pembroke as an undergraduate you are automatically a member of the JCR. This means that you can benefit from the JCR’s social, charitable and sporting events, pastoral support, art fund, travel grants and much more! To allow all this great stuff to happen, students pay a small levy every term, which sometimes changes according to the amount the JCR spends. To opt out of this, contact the Treasurers.

The running of the JCR is prescribed by the Constitution, a ‘living document’ which outlines the obligations of committee members and how meetings should be conducted.

These are held bi-weekly and are well attended. It's where we discuss college life and lobby for changes that we want to see.

A proposal submitted by a JCR member for a change or project within the JCR. Click here for the formal phrasings and rules.

Held once a term, the JCR elects various charities we want to support and we donate to each based on proportion of votes

Passionate about college life? Have an idea? See something you think needs changing. Find out how you can be more involved

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