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Pembroke College

Junior Common Room


This website is run by students for current JCR members and prospective applicants. Here you can find out what the JCR is up to this term and how you can get involved as well as a whole lot of info on student life!

What is a JCR? 

Good question! the Junior Common Room refers both to a physical hang-out area in college as well the student body of undergraduates. Everyone who accepts their offer is automatically a member which enables you to vote on motions, join events and get a democratic say in student issues. Helping to run the JCR are the committee-elected students who represent the student body to the college to make sure YOU get the best out of uni life.


Consider this website a compendium of tid-bits and a collection of Useful Stuff.  Your JCR is the place to go for all your questions about the mystery that is the JCR and its constitution. The Student Life pages have assorted info on the clubs, sports and socs (as opposed to socks which are not - although socks are often a feature of pembroke "stash" - basically college merchandise!) offered here as well as well as information about the current JCR Committee. For practical information on accommodation and such as well as application advice head to the Prospective Student pages.  

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