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At Pembroke we have a fantastic welfare team, made up of both staff and students.  Your welfare reps are always available to talk and will be putting on events on a weekly basis throughout the year, such as welfare walks in Christ Church Meadows and welfare teas (snacks shared in the JCR). 


If you’d rather speak to a member of staff. Our Welfare and Wellbeing Coordinator Rebekah White ( and Junior Deans are all trained and more than happy to offer support. The Oxford University Counselling Service is also free and available to support you. 


Please get in touch with college if you have any health conditions you would like them to be aware of. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email any of the welfare reps and we will do our best to help out!!


Some of the many things our Welfare Reps provide:


  • College families and marriages: It's a really common tradition for Oxford students to create families with your friends from college. But how do you find yourself a college partner? Usually, people tend to "choose" their partner during first two terms and then get "officially" married during trinity term! Obviously it's not really official, gender and size of marriages do not matter. Then, the year after you'll get the role of a parent and take care of college kids!

  • Welfare Week: We know that Oxford term may get overwhelming, particularly in 5th week (hence the saying ‘Week 5 Blues’). Therefore, this week your Welfare team is there for you! We organise events to boost your spirits, for example relaxing massages or meetings with cute dogs. Look for the sign-ups post on the Facebook group closer to Week 5 of each term!

  • JCR in the JCR: Every two weeks our lovely Welfare team organises a JCR in the JCR event. It's usually a chill opportunity to have a chat with your welfare reps, meet and hang out with your peers and just have fun in our cosy JCR! Free snacks and drinks provided ;)

  • Welfare Supplies: Free welfare supplies can be found in the JCR bathroom, including feminine hygiene products as well as condoms. However, if you need a specific item, you can also fill an anonymous Pidge Supply form to request it. Supplies will be delivered to the pidge of one of your Welfare reps, where they are labelled using a code word you chose. We will also reimburse NHS prescriptions. 

Prescription form

Pidge requests

Not sure where to go for guidance?

This Welfare Flowchart helps you quickly find the procedure to follow in a variety of difficult situations. 

Welfare Flowchart.png
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