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Social Life!

Spoilers ahead BUT life at Oxford isn't just about studying and learning (though don't get us wrong, there's plenty of that!) but your time at university is also about having heaps of fun and Oxford is a fantastic city to be a student. 

Pembroke especially is a really social college, and there’s something for everyone on offer! Below are some activities and aspects of social life to be aware of both inside and outside of college:

Examples of some in-College activities:


  • Cooking/baking

  • Catching up in Farthings for a coffee

  • JCR movie nights (you can also borrow a wide range of movies from the college library)

  • JCR in the JCR (free snacks and chat in the JCR, weekly event run by the welfare reps) 

  • Summer picnics on the quad (and 24/7 games of croquet) 

  • Quizzes 

  • College bar (a particular Friday night fave)

  • Crafts and painting sessions

  • Karaoke Nights

  • Farthings takeaway nights

  • BOPS always begin in the College Bar

  • Formals

  • Pizza nights

  • Wine and cheese nights

  • Pingpong

  • Darts competitions - there's a darts board in the bar and an annual (and hotly contested) competition

We also have an awesome JCR which is usually full of people. There you can find:

  • A Pool/Snooker table

  • Free Art supplies

  • Table football

  • Magazines

  • Playstation and Wii - Mario Kart has been known to cause tears

  • Wide selection of Board games 

  • Snacks

  • The comfiest couches ever

  • TV (free to use for movies) we usually watch big games there too!

Wider University and Oxford activities

  • Bookable activities: Ice-skating, crazy golf, student plays, cinema, shisha bars

  • Walks in parks (port meadow, ChCh meadows, Magdalen, University Parks, Botanic Gardens (free to uni students)), picnics, swimming in local lakes and rivers

  • Oxford Castle and 'the Big Hill'/'the Mound'

  • Explore the world-famous museums: Natural History, Pitt Rivers, Ashmolean, Science - all free to students

  • Also check out the amazing art galleries

  • Theatre (like every night there's something on at one of the student playhouses)

  • Live music events at jazz bars, pubs, concert halls, town halls -- we could go on!

  • Explore Oxford’s MANY coffee shops and restaurants

  • Shopping (second hand shopping is particularly fun in a student town!)

  • Punting in the river (in the summertime, Pembroke has two punts you can rent for a massively subsidised price!)

  • Exploring Jericho (area in Ox with a lot of cafes/restaurants/Port Meadow)

  • BOPs: Big organised college takeovers of clubs that have a theme and are a great way to get to know people in your college of all years

  • Pubs: There are a number of pubs at Oxford all suited to different moods and budgets. We have two Wetherspoons that are roughly a 10 minute walk from Pembroke. There are the more touristy local pubs in the centre of town, like the Crown or Turf Tavern, as well as more local, student pubs in Cowley or Jericho (all a decent walk away but worth exploring)

  • Clubs: Oxford is a vibrant city with a number of different clubs, catering for all different music tastes such as Park End, Bridge, Plush, and The Bullingdon.

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