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Student Life

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The Pembroke community is incredibly tight-knit so fear not, you never have to be alone. We pride ourselves on our family spirit, and inclusivity is at the heart of everything we want to do as a JCR. To see just a few of the many things we're getting up to this year in college check out our Instagram (@pembrokejcr) and give us a follow if you don't already!

Just like every other college, there's always heaps to do that doesn't involve studying in the library. Whether you're keen on sport, art, volunteering or drama - there's certainly something for everyone. In fact, we really encourage you to get involved - there are so many awesome opportunities to try new things, and working on non-study related things is really beneficial to your mental and physical health. Sign up for a hundred new things, try something new, do something you don't think you'll ever do outside of uni - you can always cancel your email subscriptions later. 

As always, if there's something we haven't covered or you've got questions feel free to email, message or, if you're in college, pidge us! 


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