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JCR Crest


Pembroke has a very active JCR, and the bi-weekly Sunday meetings are always well attended.  These meetings, led by the JCR Vice-President, are not compulsory but we encourage everyone to attend as this is one of the best ways to get your voice heard! We discuss everything from college food and college policies to buying new pool cues. If you're particularly interested or passionate about a certain area of college life or have submitted a motion then please do come along! If that isn't reason enough - the JCR even pays for food and drinks for everyone too! (PIZZA!!)


The JCR itself is responsible for a number of things including access support and student welfare, which are co-operations between college staff and students. JCR committee members also sit on various college staff committees to ensure all student voices are heard when big decisions are made.  We have a lot of influence in college because it is known that our meetings are popular, the JCR engaged and the committee members well respected.


Every term, Pembroke JCR increases its coffers by 'batteling' its members. Each area of finance within the JCR is battelled separately but there is always the chance to opt out of any of them.  Of course, the more people contribute, the more money we have to spend next term and the overall cost to each member will be less.  These are known as JCR 'levies'. None of the charges are very much but if finances are a concern then do not hesitate to talk to a member of staff or to one of our committee members in complete confidentiality!

We are also apolitical, meaning that we do not vote on political matters in OUSU (the University Student Union). However, the way our OUSU reps vote IS decided by the JCR - so coming to meetings not only helps the JCR improve but the whole university! 

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