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Writing & Discussion Groups

We weren't entirely sure what to call this - but here's the place for all the other 'Arts' socs that are on offer at Pembroke. We're always super keen to start new socs and support student endeavours so if you're really passionate about something and want to see it done at Pembroke then please get in touch with a JCR committee member and we'll see if we can get you some funding!

Pink Times

The Pink Times is the Pembroke JCR magazine, published by and for students. Containing poems, art work, updates on college matters, advice columns, sports reports and more, this a way to keep everyone informed on the life and heart of the college and acts as a creative expression of the moment. 


It's a fantastic opportunity to enter the world of university journalism or to have published work. The Communications Rep is editor-in-chief of the magazine so keep an eye out for the call-for-submissions they'll put out each term or get in contact with them directly.



Peminists is Pembroke’s own feminist discussion group, which hold sessions on a fortnightly basis. We discuss a variety of topics that surround intersectional feminism, but in a really relaxed way that makes it accessible for everyone! Anyone is more than welcome to join and you’ll hear more from us in Freshers’ week. If you would be interested in leading a discussion at Peminists, message the Gender Equalities Rep.


There are a range of university, student publications which our members write for including, but by no means limited to, the Oxford Student, the Cherwell and the Isis. Following the social media channels (especially Instagram and Facebook) are your best points of contact for finding out more about the recruitment process. 


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